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1st March 2018:

Please find HERE the latest white paper on Welding Fumes

1st November 2017: 

Aitken Welding Supplies are always looking for ways to improve our customers experiance. Today,we have migrated to a new gas cylinder tracking system. Moving forward we will be able to email out gas rental invoices and provide invoices at point of purchase. Please ensure your account has an email address up dated for fast delivery times! Email ar@aitkenwelding.com to update today!


Latest Welding Technology Institute of Australia Newsletter:

July 2017 Weld Connect (.pdf file 12mb)

Sept 2017 Weld Connect (.pdf file 2mb)

Oct 2017 Weld Connect (.pdf file 2mb)

Nov 2017 Weld Connect (.pdf file 1.8mb)

May 2018 Weld Connect (.pdf file 3mb)