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The Caddy™ name has always been synonymous with robust and durable welding tools designed for the professional welder.

Caddy™ Arc 251i is a 400 V three-phase power source equipped with a PFC circuit making it possible to use the full range of the machine on a 10 A fuse. The PFC also protects the machine against fluctuating mains voltage and makes it safer to use with a generator. Caddy™ Arc 251i can operate with extra long mains cables, over 100 m, giving you a very larger working radius.

The more advanced Caddy™ A34 panel gives you hot-start and arc force control to fine tune the welding, a choice of MMA or TIG welding, LiveTig™ start in TIG mode, two memories and remote control facility. In MMA mode you can choose your electrode type and the machine will optimise the welding performance automatically. The panels are easy to understand and set, even with your gloves on.

Technical Data

Mains Voltage / Frequency:        400V 3ph 50/60Hz

Processes/Functions:                   MMA, Tig DC

Welding Current Range:                MMA (DC)           4 – 250A

                                                          TIG (DC)               3 – 250A

Duty Cycle:                                       MMA / TIG          30% -     250A

                                                                                          60% -     190A

                                                                                          100% -  150A